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It’s been a frantic few weeks here with the big giveaway over on Ellen Mint‘s page followed by the upcoming release of Wolves of Sorrow: Izabel (two weeks! *internal screaming*). In between the promo of those I’ve been working on my secret project, plotting out the next two books in the Wolves of Sorrow series, while trying to settle on the direction of the Ravyn’s book which will conclude the Edgeworld Chronicles.

Wolves of Sorrow

First off, the Wolves of Sorrow. All the book covers will have a set template now so the titles and series title will align if placed side by side. See above picture. It wasn’t until Izabel that I noticed they’re just slightly off and that bugged me. So I tweaked the covers slightly as well as finalized Jelayan’s, Sorcha’s, and Hinata’s covers. All are on the website now, including the three newest ones, so you don’t even have to wait for a big reveal.

Jelayan, book four, is complete other than another editing pass. I’m happy with it, it hits all the notes I wanted it to and sets the stage for future shenanigans. Sorcha wasn\’t originally next in the lineup but I wanted to give everyone, wolves and Rifaniir, a bit of breathing room, so I bumped her up in the queue. While this one may be slower paced, it should still have enough action to move the plot forward while she and her mate figure each other out. Hinata dives back into the action, this time on the eastern border with the Teschic Swamp. The rest are still simmering in my brain, but I expect this series to be at least ten books long if not longer. What did I get myself into?

As for my other series, The Edgeworld Chronicles will remain a trilogy. The last book, tentatively titled The Ravyn’s Revenge, should wrap up the main plot with the sexy pirate taking on the Alliance in a bid to rescue his brother. If he has a bit of fun along the way, well, he is a pirate. I do still want to release Fieryl’s pursuit of Ta’Naii as a novella, but that’s slated for the nebulous future with no concrete date.

And lastly, the Sooper Sekrit Projeck™ is complete! At just over 63K words, it remains on the short side, but it leaves me room to fiddle and tweak it if necessary. I’m querying it so until it’s reached the end of its journey, whatever end that may be, I’m keeping quiet on the details. I only mention it here because I’d planned to write a Halloween novella and my brain said, “nope, we’re doing this other thing!” So… no Halloween novella this year. Dammit.

That’s all I can think of. I’ve done a bit of maintenance on the site. New header since I’m leaning more toward the scifi side of romance at present, new covers for the Sorrow books on their page. Checking links and making sure the latest flash is linked to the extras page. If you read to the bottom, thank you and I’ll see you next time.