Jelayan is live!

Jelayan, the fourth book in the Wolves of Sorrow series, is now live on Amazon. Check out the warrior wolf and her spymaster mate as they travel across the provinces in search of the person behind the growing violence in Warrior’s Weald. Visit the port city of Enisen Point, the deserts of the Kaviai Plains, and Smoke and Mirrors, the flagship casino berthed off the cost of Port Ciroc.

Immediately after the end of Izabel, Jelayan partners with Kellan Avelaño in search of the mastermind behind the violence and vicious rumors surrounding Korlyn’s Glen. Posing as a couple, they race across the border battling the enemy and their own passion.

I’ve been working on trailers for the books in the Wolves of Sorrow series. Check out the first two on my new YouTube channel, and Sorcha’s trailer will release tomorrow.

Read on for an excerpt.

She was still twisting her hair into an elegant style when Kellan left the shower. He wore a towel around his waist, and water trailed down the defined muscles of his chest. Her fingers froze. The urge to trace the water’s path with her fingertips, her tongue, was so strong, it robbed her of breath. She’d known he was a well-built lethal predator from the feel of his body against hers and the way he moved. She hadn’t known he was so breath-stealingly magnificent.

A fine layer of hair covered his pectorals, narrowing to a thin strip which disappeared beneath the towel. His bronzed skin glowed with health, the strokable color due to genetics rather than the sun. Several scars, including three resembling claw marks which wrapped around his ribs on his left side, only enhanced his appeal. It showed he’d seen combat and emerged triumphant. It showed he was a predator worth tangling with.

Jerking away her gaze before he caught her ogling him like an untried juvenile, she finished her twists and secured the ends with a pair of decorative pins. Keep this professional, Jelayan. The silent scold ignored their earlier tumble on the bed, the touches which seared her skin and stirred her interest. It ignored her own longing for the joyous beauty her best friend had found with her Rifaniir mate.

She stabbed another pin into her hair and winced as it pierced her skin. Dammit. Her own fault, though. If she’d been thinking straight, she’d have secured her hair in the tiny braids she used on the long scavenger runs. Instead, she’d wanted to look her best. For her partner. For Kellan.

Grumbling, she adjusted the pin’s placement and tucked the thin metal beneath a twist. The style served multiple purposes, only one of which was cosmetic. Elegant enough for a dinner party, it’d protect her hair from damage if she couldn’t tend it for a week or more. The hair pins doubled as lockpicks if faced with such archaic technology or stiletto-sharp blades if her claws wouldn’t suffice.

Kellan walked over and ran his nose up her neck. “Sunshine and honey and danger. A deliciously tempting combination. What would you do if I took a bite?”

“Smack you over the head with my brush,” she said drily though her skin pebbled at the thought of his teeth marking her. “Dinner party, remember?”

His sigh tickled the small hairs at the nape of her neck, and she thought she felt the brush of his lips. “Fine. I’ll behave. For now.”

Wolves of Sorrow: Jelayan, March, 2023

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    1. I hope you do! All are in Kindle Unlimited and the first, Shoba, is only 99c. They’re short reads, just ovre 50K, but I adore the world. I’m currently working on the 6th in the series, Hinata, as the fifth is already on schedule for a June release.

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