Flash Fiction Friday – August

For this month’s flash piece, I’m returning to Barif and the Wolves of Sorrow series. A Successful Mission Gone Wrong follows Jelayan on a retrieval mission of a well-protected green gem (August’s peridot). This story occurs after Jelayan’s book (#4) but before Hinata’s (#6) when Jelayan is still fitting into her new duties with her mate’s covert operations organization. There are no spoilers for the series’ overarching plot.

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Jelayan is live!

Jelayan, the fourth book in the Wolves of Sorrow series, is now live on Amazon. Check out the warrior wolf and her spymaster mate as they travel across the provinces in search of the person behind the growing violence in Warrior’s Weald. Visit the port city of Enisen Point, the deserts of the Kaviai Plains, and Smoke and Mirrors, the flagship casino berthed off the cost of Port Ciroc.

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Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday – Wolves of Sorrow: Jelayan

I’ve completed the first draft of Jelayan, fourth in the Wolves of Sorrow series of short novels. Yay, go me! While I’m working on another project instead of the one I should be working on, I’ll let Jelayan simmer for a few weeks before returning for a second pass. There’s always holes in a rough draft that the subsequent editing passes catch, and I hope to clean this one up with a minimal amount of…

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