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Sorcha – a snippet and preorder link

With Jelayan roaming Warrior’s Weald with her Rifaniir mate, it’s time to turn the focus on the next wolf of Sorrow to find her mate. Sorcha has worked as the pack’s primary maintenance specialist since her fourteenth year, but the technology on her new world isn’t the same. Not all of her skills translate to a world of nano medicine and intergalactic space travel, and the horror of the past is a ghost which stalks her always.

Sorcha, like the others in the series, is a short novel/long novella of around 53,000 words. The deeper into the series we go, the more reliant they grow on the earlier books in the series. While this one could be read as a stand-alone, some terms and events mentioned wouldn’t make sense. Still, I hope you give it a try!

First off… the preorder link! You can preorder the digital copy of Sorcha on Amazon for a June 20th release. Paperback will be available on or around that release date, and it will also go into Kindle Unlimited.

Now for the snippet!

TBD, 2023

Zahar opened the door at her knock and ushered her into his office. The scent of lightly seasoned meat and juicy vegetables made her mouth water. “Please tell me some of that is mine. Otherwise, I might take a bite out of you.”

He caught her hand before she sat and stepped so close she felt his body heat through their clothing. With his thumb brushing over her skin leaving a sizzle of sensation in its wake, the stars in his eyes faded into iridescent darkness amidst the crackle of distant lightning. “Would you bite hard, Sorcha? Leave a mark?”

Caught by the enthralling beauty of his eyes, she trailed her claws lightly up his neck. “Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just take a small nip, not hard enough to break skin.”

“Hmm.” He trailed a finger along her jaw to linger on her lips. “Too bad. I want your marks on my skin.”

“Behave.” She nipped at his finger. “It’s not wise to tempt a starving wolf.”

“Very well.” His smile was as devastating as the gentle brush of his lips over her knuckles. “Sit and let me feed you.”

He didn’t sit opposite the small table from her, but close enough their shoulders brushed with each forkful. She fed him small pieces of an herbed vegetable; he offered her choice pieces of sautéed meat. Her wolf rose to the fore, needing to be part of this quiet intimacy. Her claws emerged, and she scraped them lightly along his jaw. When his eyes closed, his head tilted slightly without fear, she knew there’d be no one else for her. Zahar Elloufen was hers. Her mate.

Wolves of Sorrow: Sorcha, June 20, 2023