Sorcha is now Live!

Sorcha, the fifth book in the Wolves of Sorrow series, is now live on Amazon. Searching for her place on Barif, Sorcha buried herself in her studies. That is until Zahar walked into her life and walked away with her heart. Now she’s trying to navigate a relationship, an assessment exercise, and an unknown saboteur with a certain wolf in their sights.

Sorcha releases as an Amazon exclusive, the ebook and paperback links are here. It’s enrolled in Kindle Unlimited for the first 90 days. After that, I plan to go wide with not only this book, but all the Wolves of Sorrow and Edgeworld books as soon as they’re free of their KDP Select obligations.

Read on for an excerpt.

She adjusted the device’s frequency another tic and listened. Nothing. Either the receiver wasn’t picking up, or Rifaniir speech was outside known Earth measurements. Maybe it didn’t have to do with sound frequencies at all but some other measurement unknown to the hybrids left by the humans. She bared her fangs at the device, her wolf in complete agreement at tracking down this prey.

“Does that work?” asked a voice as smooth as melted chocolate, rich and dark and sinfully appealing. The first time she tried the exotic treat, she’d devoured piece after decadent piece until she was ill. She wanted to do the same now, just wallow in a voice which was a sensuous feast for her ears.

“No, but it makes me feel better.”

Sorcha looked up and discovered a Rifaniir male as compelling as his voice. Of medium height and with the sleek build of a desert scout, she’d seen him around the campus many times. Sometimes talking to other students, sometimes the instructors. His ability to blend into a crowd was muted by the dominant strength which buffeted her senses any time their paths crossed. Handsome and charming he might be, but that strength was a potent reminder to her wolf that she faced a predator.

She shielded her eyes against the sun’s glare and scowled at him. Predator or not, this was just rude. “Do you plan to sit or just loom?”

His laughter tugged at something deep inside her and invited her to laugh with him. He’d sheathed his claws today, choosing to charm rather than intimidate. “Since you asked so kindly, I believe I’ll join you.”

He settled at the base of a nearby tree, one muscular leg stretched out before him, the other bent at the knee. Even in the dappled shade, his skin gleamed a golden brown. The mottled sunlight created highlights and shadows over the harsh angles of his face. His only point of softness, a full bottom lip made for a wolf’s nipping kisses. He was stunning.

Scowling harder at her crazed thoughts, she made another adjustment on the device. “What do you want?”

Okay, yeah, that was rude, but he was just too much. Too playful. Too dangerous. Too impossibly gorgeous with the silver starlight glittering in his midnight eyes, and streaks of the same metallic hue in his dark brown hair. His scent teased her wolf, the soothing notes of sturdy pines and rich, moist soil oddly familiar. There was something else, something subtle stalking between the trees and lurking beneath an unexpected bite of ozone. That missing note served to remind her the Rifaniir were ambush predators who struck like a flash of lightning.

“If you’d prefer I go, I will,” he said quietly. No playfulness in him now. His voice held only sincerity and a note of regret.

She set the device in her lap and ran her fingers through her hair. “Sorry, I’m being rude. I get snarly when I’m frustrated, but I shouldn’t take it out on strangers. I’m Sorcha.”

“Zahar. What’s made you growly?”

“Nothing for class.” She rotated the device in her hands, debating whether or not to reveal its purpose. The warriors in the pack believed the Rifaniir would object, but Sorcha wasn’t convinced she could complete the build without help from one of the natives of this planet. It was a gamble. She wasn’t ready to trust this too-curious stranger, but she couldn’t deny its existence. Maybe he’d unintentionally reveal a clue. She tossed it over to him with a smile. “Guess.”

Wolves of Sorrow: Sorcha, June, 2023