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Teaser Tuesday – Wolves of Sorrow: Jelayan

I’ve completed the first draft of Jelayan, fourth in the Wolves of Sorrow series of short novels. Yay, go me! While I’m working on another project instead of the one I should be working on, I’ll let Jelayan simmer for a few weeks before returning for a second pass. There’s always holes in a rough draft that the subsequent editing passes catch, and I hope to clean this one up with a minimal amount of fuss. *lolsob*

In August, I’ll be participating in a massive giveaway via Ellen Mint‘s Grab Bag Giveaway contest. Fifty-three authors, one hundred fourteen books combined into thirty-eight bundles divided into romance sub-genres. I’ve thrown in two of mine and can’t wait for the contest to start. Head over to Ellen’s page, give her a follow, and take a chance on winning some free books!

Izabel’s best friend, Jelayan, is a strong warrior with more than one beast inside her. Needing a task more suitable than simply running an interior patrol, she agrees to go on a reconnaissance mission to Port Ciroc in the Kaivia Province. There’s just one problem. She has a Rifaniir partner.

Playing at being lovers, the pair make their way to the province. Everything goes according to plan until Kellan decides to make the fake relationship very real.


“Who did you lose, kitten?” His voice was soft, deadly. Seductive.

“My mother.” A soft whine underscored her words before it gave way to the cat’s rumbling growl. “Callum despised our animal natures, his included. It’s why he helped the others try to destroy the strong dominants in the pack. But my mother? She birthed a monster in his eyes.”

“You’re strong, beautiful. Fierce.” His fingers released her hair to trail along her jaw. “I see no monsters here.”

Jelayan looked up and fell into the ebony stars swirling in his eyes. “There’s no need to play the lover here,” she whispered. “No one will see.”

When he didn’t move away, when he didn’t stop touching her, she reached up to thread her fingers through his hair. It flowed like silk over her skin. She scraped her claws lightly over his scalp and watched the stars fade one by one until his eyes were a barren desert.

“What if I want to change the rules?” His breath warmed her skin as his hand trailed down her neck to her nape. He drew closer, his body pressing hers against the cool metal railing. “Make the game real.”

“For how long?”

“As long as it takes.”

His lips hovered over hers, not quite touching. Tempting her to say yes. This was dangerous, more than dangerous. They had a mission to accomplish, and sex would complicate things. His thumb brushed over her pulse and left a trail of heat in its wake. Growling softly, she pressed her lips to his. She was willing to take the risk.

Wolves of Sorrow: Jelayan, Early 2023

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