Sale and a Sneak Peak

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Promo done and out of the way, let’s move on to the sneak peak!

Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba has made it’s first round of beta readers and edits and has returned to the readers to make sure I didn’t screw up something trying to fix something else. And yes, I’ve already found an error after sending off this version. *sighs* Anyway, now that it’s out of my hands again, I’ve been working on the cover. I’m not ready to reveal the whole thing just yet, but here’s a sneak peak until it’s ready. (Note: as this is an old post ported to a new site, the full cover is shown below)

Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba – Coming Soon!

I’m stupidly happy with the cover, even if it’s not the one I thought I wanted. Odd how that works out. Anyway, the current plan is a fall release date, though I’m waiting until it’s back from the beta readers to give a more concrete date.

Shoba is a long novella at just under 50K words set in the same universe as the Edgeworld Chronicles. The events take place far in the future where genetic modifications are encouraged, space travel is the norm, and Earth’s atmosphere has deteriorated to the point a honeycomb of stabilizers is required to sustain human life. The original Edgeworld books, starting with Journey to a Dream and Petri, are M/M romance, while the wolves will be a mix of same and opposite sex couples.

Below is Shoba’s and Vaistu’s first meeting. I hope you’ll fall in love with them as much as I have.

“I’m not going to bite anyone, Bri.”

“That’s good to hear.”

The laughing reply startled a yip from Brienne and a growl from Shoba. She spun into a crouch, claws out, to see a very amused man wearing the uniform of a Rifaniir officer. How had he gotten so close without her sensing him? Lifting her head, she scented the air but caught… nothing. Not the cold stink of metal nor the bite of oil and grease. Even the comforting scents of pack eluded her heightened senses. To her wolf’s nose, the man standing in front of her simply wasn’t there. She rose from her crouch and let him see her claws.

“Where did you come from?”

“Shoba!” Brienne hissed, sounding more like one of the cats than a wolf.

The man pursed his lips and said blandly, “My parents had a lot of fun when they were younger.” Placing his hands behind his back, he shifted his stance and tone of voice. “I’m Vaistu Elloufen, Captain of the Kaleidoscope. My people are treating you well, I hope?

~Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba, Elaina Roberts, ©2021