Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday – Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba

Another Tuesday, another teaser, this time from my favorite snarly wolf, Shoba. This book is incredibly special to me after a year where I struggled to even read much less write. I’d dabbled in a few flash pieces, but nothing really grabbed me until this. It proved to me that I still had stories in me that demanded to be told, and that I could enjoy the process again. Shoba’s cranky and wounded and broken in many ways, and ensuring she got her Captain was something I needed to do.

Shoba is an Amazon exclusive, making it available in Kindle Unlimited, and takes place in the same general universe as The Edgeworld Chronicles. I’d place it concurrently with that series or shortly before those events. It really doesn’t matter much as the two stories don’t overlap in any way beyond worldbuilding mechanics such as the Between, the Genetics Modification division, etc. Each series is standalone within itself.

This snippet is from Chapter Nine. Shoba and Vaistu have worked through some issues and are sharing a breakfast together. Shoba is…not impressed with the quality of her meal. (Author’s note – I’m on her side, as I am not a fan of any type of oatmeal and can only tolerate grits – which might get my southerner card revoked.)

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The meal was simple but plentiful if not entirely appetizing. Two large bowls held an unfamiliar hot grain. Smaller bowls contained slices of fruit, various cheeses and cold meats alongside ramekins of jam. Half a loaf of a dark, crusty bread completed the meal. Vaistu plucked a slice of lepori from the tray and held it to her lips.

“What I meant,” he said after she’d accepted the bite, “is I had a female member of my senior staff pack your belongings and bring them here.”


“You’re my mate, Shoba. You belong with me.” The words held a hint of challenge which confused her. She had no intention of refuting his claim or returning to her small, empty room.

“Good. I like your shower better anyway.” She dipped a spoon in the mushy grains, tried a bite, and made a face. “Why are you feeding me wet sand? Will mixing in the other ingredients make it taste better? Please say it does.”

“For the most part, yes. Try the flisterberry jam and some sharp cheese.” He tilted his head, expression guarded and watchful. “You don’t care.”

“Why should I?” She followed his suggestion, found it made the grains taste like cheesy, fruity sand. Growling softly, she added chunks of meat as well. “It saves me the trouble of packing and moving them. My parents’ holostill is the only thing I cherish. As long as she treated it with care, the rest are just things.”

Wolves of Sorrow: Shoba, An Amazon Exclusive