News about Brienne!

Things are speeding toward release day for Wolves of Sorrow: Brienne. I have ARCs! I have a preorder link! I’ve ordered proofs for paperback so they’ll be ready on release day! So! Many! Exclamation! Points!!

First off, I’m stupidly happy with this cover. It has the city of Korlyn’s Glen in the background as well as Zephyr’s Rest at the bottom. Xaeth and Brienne all snuggled up in the middle with a tiny howling wolf. It’s currently my phone background because I am that person.

Anyhoot, the link for the ARCs went up on Facebook earlier today, but here it is on the site. There are ten (10) Advanced Review Copies of Wolves of Sorrow: Brienne over on Booksprout in EPUB and Mobi formats. While I’ve placed no requirements as to review location, I do ask ARC readers to review it somewhere. Please note, this will be an Amazon exclusive like Shoba, so the primary locations are Amazon and Goodreads.

Preorder is now available for the ebook with the paperback still in progress! Brienne will go live on March 14. Order yours HERE

That’s it for this quick update. Grab all the things if you’re so inclined and enjoy!!