ARCs and PreOrders and a Secret Project – Oh, My!

In the middle of what’s already been a stressful, infuriating year, I’m continuing to work on my projects and expand on the universes which I’ve had so much fun creating. With Draxton settled into Seshinaar with his Minshaari, I’ve turned my focus back to Barif and the Wolves of Sorrows series.

September 20, 2022

The third in the series, Izabel, releases in September with the fourth, Jelayan, publishing early next year. Izabel Canavar is a healer with a secret few in the pack knows. Ranoch Til is the director in charge of training and integrating the dominant warriors into Warrior’s Weald. They meet in a thunderstorm and the chemistry is immediate.

Though this is third in the series, the timeline runs from just prior to just after the events in Brienne. So, while they’re happening at the same time, Izabel will reference (and spoil) some situations in Brienne.

Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) are now available via Booksprout. You do need an account to participate, but there’s no charge! Pick it up if you’re so inclined and fall in love with the sweetly sexy Ranoch Til.

In the same vein, the ebook is now available for preorder on Amazon. Like the others in the Wolves of Sorrow series, Izabel will enter Kindle Unlimited upon publication if that’s your preference. Paperback copies will go live around publication date if that’s more your jam.

Jelayan, fourth in the series, is set for early 2023. The first draft is complete and it awaits a couple rounds of edits. The cover is complete and on the series page. The blurb… well, those are always a chore. It’ll be finalized closer to publication. More info as the date approaches!

Secret Project! Yes! During NaNo 2019, I had an idea for a story about the rise of magic in the current world. At the time, I got caught up by what I wanted the main conflict to center around. It’s marinated in the back of my head since then, and I’ve worked out most of the snarls in the narrative. It’s currently sitting at around 47K with a few more chapters to go. I may be shopping this one to agents, so no snippets until the big flashy sign reads “Abandon all hope ye who enter here!”

As soon as the first draft is complete, I’m diving into the holiday novella I still hope to release this year and then on to the final Edgeworld Chronicles novel, The Ravyn’s Revenge. Final novel… I still plan a novella centering on Fieryl.

So, that\’s all I have for now. If you want an early copy of Izabel, check out Booksprout. If you want to throw a few coins my way, consider preordering via Amazon or check out my other titles on KU. And, as always, thank you all for reading!