Draxton’s Destiny is Now LIVE!

Draxton’s Destiny, the sequel of Subject 5691: Petri, is now available on Amazon in ebookpaperback, and in Kindle Unlimited. This book was a labor of love, and sometimes there was a lot more on the side of labor than love, but I feel it was worth it. So please, go! Buy if you can, read on KU if you think it may suit you, or considering sharing on your socials.

Future plans!

Izabel, Sep 20th!

September 20th will see the release of the third book in the Wolves of Sorrow series, Izabel. Izabel’s a healer with a secret. Ranoch’s the Rifaniir soldier in charge of training the pack’s dominants in the tactics and technology of their new world. Their slow flirtation grows even as the violence stirring in the city spills over to the pack after the executions of the traitorsous elders and their co-conspirator, Takbir. Check the series’ tab for the full (tentative) back copy summary. Izabel‘s timeline runs concurrently with Brienne but ends slightly later, so it will contain spoilers for events in that book.

Jelayan, 2023

Next up will be another in the Wolves of Sorrow series, Jelayan. Izabel’s best friend has two beasts inside her. Her wolf needs a pack, but her cat prefers its solitude. Their opposing natures leaves her both a part of and separate from the others in her pack. When she’s chosen for a stealthy mission into unfriendly territory, her partner, Kellan, proves to be as intriguing as the task itself. Complete back copy summary to come later. Jelayan will publish early next year.

In mid-2023, I hope to wrap up the Edgeworld Chronicles with the Ravyn’s book. Featuring most of the cast of Petri and Draxton, the Ravyn has discovered the location of his missing brother and is determined to bring him home. The Alliance is understandably reluctant to lose one of the Velen’Daar and will do whatever it takes to keep the CHIMERA program operational. No cover as of yet, but I hope to have one within the next few months. Stay tuned!

Winter, 2023, will have the fifth Wolves of Sorrow book, possibly centered around the warrior Hinata, followed by at least three more featuring Sorcha, Peter, and maybe Yulia. The latter is still rather young, so she may have to wait a while.

Other things not firmly placed on my schedule are a novella with Fieryl and Ta’Naii from the Edgeworld Chronicles, a possible Halloween novella either this year or next year, and a completely separate project I’ve been pondering for quite a while. I’m currently around 15K words into this project and am quite happy with it so far. So, things are still moving at a steady pace, and I can’t wait for what comes next!

Thanks for reading.